Analog Market

Analog Stimulating the Senses

Audio-Technica’s New Challenge
An Experiential Representation of Messaging

Celebrating their 60th anniversary in 2022, Audio-Technica Corporation has been communicating their new corporate message, “Always, analogue” through a variety of methods. As the grand finalé of their efforts, Audio-Technica organized Analog Market, a series of events in three Aoyama, Omotesando and Harajuku locations. In addition to a display of their own products, the event offered a variety of five-sensory stimulating experiences from clothing, food, housing and art, through exhibitors who share Audio-Technica’s message. We were in charge of the creative direction for the entire event. Focusing on the visual identity of the collective events, we created the worldview for Analog Market, from promotional posters and venue visuals to a limited-edition venue magazine, and website. Developing the key visual started with trial and error experiments understanding and interpreting “analog”, which eventually led to creating hundreds of individual cut out letters by hand. The primitive, intense colors that subconsciously attracts the eye, rough layouts that give the impression of a live performance, and textural visuals guided the event as a true representation of Analog Market.

Client: Audio-Technica Corporation

Poster hijack in the Aoyama, Omotesando and Harajuku areas created a sense of anticipation and excitement for the event.

To Hold the Embodiment of Analog in the Palm of Your Hands

We created a super-sized, 400 x 297 mm, limited-edition event magazine—a size unimaginable for your typical event. We wanted the magazine to intuitively convey its value the moment you hold it in your hands. With visuals that jump into your eyes not in the virtual size of the Web, but in the physical size that exists in front of you, the magazine is full of appeal that is far removed from today’s digital-centered contents. The message of Analog Market lies in the very sensation of the paper’s texture, smell, and the physical act of turning a page. We handed out more copies than expected, and the sight of all the visitors carrying the magazine, despite its size and weight, created a sense of unity and excitement throughout the venue.

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