Grand Fair 2022

Heart Beat Office

Communicating the True Value of an Office
In a Remote Work Centered Society

The Okamura Grand Fair is an exhibition held throughout the year to showcase Okamura Corporation’s office products, and is essential for communicating a corporate message as Japan’s top shareholder of the office solutions market. We were in charge of the overall creative direction, from message and concept development, to the exhibition spatial design and the production of movies, websites, and newspaper advertisements.

Client: Okamura Corporation

In 2020, COVID-19 led a global pandemic. As to work environments, remote work became the norm and people’s livelihoods did a 180. This product exhibition was held at a crucial time for Okamura to demonstrate its stance as a company during a time when the very existence of an office was in question.

Moments that Move Our Hearts
Occur in the Office

An exhibition for office environments held in a world where remote work is commonplace. We felt a need to appeal to society not only the superior functions of Okamura products, but also the enjoyment of working in an office itself. The office has a certain enthusiasm and healing power that you cannot experience with remote work, a difference that stems from in-person communication. We focused on the emotional value of the office and developed the event catchphrase, “Heart Beat Office, today.” along with a key visual that expresses the beating heart.

Visually Flexible Graphics

The graphic symbolizing the beating heart was intentionally constructed to allow visual flexibilty. It enables a wide range of communication while maintaining a unified image across various scenes (space, printed materials, websites, and videos).

Space Design for an Immersive Event

We staged the exhibition space around the Heart Beat Office concept and fully covered every wall with the key visual graphics to tie together the diverse assortment of products.

Digital Map Linked to the Exhibition Space

We created a map of the exhibition that displays details of products per each area. The map is available on the website for visitors to access from their own phones. Visitors can also navigate the map while touring the exhibition, creating an enriching user experience.

Visualizing the Heart Beat Office

We produced a movie to convey the concept of the event at the exhibition hall, on the website, and in various other media. We provided comprehensive direction for the video, from story structure to filming and editing.

The movie conveys the unchanging value of the office through Okamura products, even in a world where remote work has become widespread.

Consistent Communication through a Heartbeat Graphic

The exhibition message is conveyed through a variety of media, including a website, newspaper advertisements, invitations, and a concept book distributed at the event.

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