Hunter Mountain

The Story Will Revitalize

Reconstructing the Brand’s Underlying Story

Established in 1988, Nasushiobara holds the largest ski resort in the metropolitan area, Hunter Mountain. The comprehensive renewal consisted of rebranding everything from the symbols and graphics for the visual identity to spacial design, merchandise and promotion. While utilizing preexisting assets and noting their true value, we led Hunter Mountain to be winter’s entertainment brand.

Client : Resorts & Stays Co., Ltd.

New Symbolism Derived from Brand Origins

Hunter Mountain is a business coalition with a ski resort in New York with the same name. We recognized the characteristic naming and history as valuable brand assets and took the initials H and M to create a fresh motif. We developed the ideology and visual communication using this symbol that upholds the intended brand image and positioning—”To be outdoors while staying urban”—as the backbone.

We planned the symbol mark from Hunter Mountain’s unique naming and the silhouette of a mountain using a red and blue color system. The logotype is designed to reflect the contrast between rough linear line versus a smooth curve, which parallels how cities and nature coexist.

Graphics that Expand Brand Ideology
for Winter Entertainment

Hunter Mountain uses more of their New York themed naming system throughout their facilities and courses now than when they first opened. We moulded their new image while inheriting the brand’s historical background and entertainment value. We connected that into graphics that portray lively winter entertainment—just as a ski resort providing enjoyment in the extraordinary every day should.

The new original graphic showcase brand assets such as facility and course/altitude signage with NY themed names. Each detail encapsulates its own story, coming together to create the core of the brand image strategy.

The brand identity and graphics are translated onto all merchandise. The brand image strengthens through the multitude of customer touchpoints. We add another layer of brand impressions by seamlessly incorporating the brand into daily use items.

We built a comprehensive map of the entire space from the slopes to parking lot for brand communication during the skiing experience. Graphics focused on entertainment value stimulates customers’ imagination and boosts their moods.

Motion graphics on the website visualize the operating status of the courses and restaurants around the mountain. This allows customers to check real-time information, a function only possible because of its digital platform.

The map is scattered with Easter eggs such as hidden animals, to add elements customers can enjoy—even the experience of looking at a map,

Not Just Skiing
Showcasing the Value in Experience to
a Wide Audience

Hunter Mountain is close to the city and is a ski resort with course designs and a variety of restaurants anyone can enjoy—men and women, young and old. From concept planning to output, we produced a promotion that conveys the excitement in the overall skiing experience, nonexclusive to simply sliding down the slopes. The brand messages the importance the diverse scenes you experience in a day of skiing—getting ready for the trip and on-the-road conversations, the excitement seeing the snow-covered mountains, and sharing a meal with someone. By setting clear brand positioning, we increase the ways in which to showcase the brand appeal that are different from other brands.

Hunter Mountain has countless entertaining activities other than skiing and snowboarding. This promotion began with the desire for each individual to find their own form of enjoyment. We intentionally expressed each individual’s lifestyle through fashion outside of ski wear. What should I wear to the ski resort? The messaging conveys the excitement in the simple act of going to Hunter Mountain and additionally sets itself apart from other brands by not using snow scenes.

Snow is exciting for anyone. This promotion communicates the exhilaration and delight linked with snow, no matter of age. We simply portrayed two individuals laying in the snow—an act so common yet has been consistently carried on throughout the years. From children to seniors, we created a three-part promotion for three age groups. And in addition, a brand movie for the promotion that incorporates a hope to revitalize the ski industry in response to the decreasing popularity in skiing at the time.

Hunter Mountain Brand Movie 1/2

Hunter Mountain Brand Movie 2/2

Not Just Skiing
Creating a Space to Enjoy the Resort Itself

We created the graphics for the entrance mall that Our Company Inc. planned and produced. Within the full renewal project for the “entrance mall”, the ski resort’s welcome center, we were responsible for the visuals such as the logo, category signage, and wall signage. The space is meant to act as a rabbit hole into the extraordinary rather than a common entryway in order to build excitement as you head to the ski resort.

Collab : Our Company Inc.

We developed a logo mark per section in the gift shop portraying concession stands lined together like a small market.

Ticket center signage that parallels ski slope courses.
We incorporated ski resort elements even in the guests’ traffic flow.

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