Japanese Brand Expansion to Asia

Border-Crossing Visuals
Creating a Universal Means of Communication

Nichiban is a leading cellulose tape manufacturing company for everyday products from stationery to first-aid bandages. With the establishment of Nichiban’s base in Asia, we designed the soon-to-be international cellulose tape brand, Panfix’s key visuals from web to pamphlets as part of their brand-enhancement project.

Client: Nichiban Co., Ltd.

The United States first invented cellulose tape in 1930. Nichiban, who was already producing adhesive bandages, delivered prototypes of self adhesive cellulose tape in 1948. GHQ officers stationed in Japan praised the technological capabilities of the product, after which the tapes officially came out for sale as “Cellophane”. By 1950, Panfix was established as an overseas product brand.

Graphic Design that Maximizes Brand Character

Panfix has identified themselves through red and blue since their product release. We believed that this striking palette would hold the key in the expansion to Asia. The colors became central to the visuals in brand communication assets.

Nichiban has sold over 180 million kilometers worth of tapes since establishment—enough to go around the earth 4500 times. This is directly translated into the motif for the key visual.

The graphic design represents history and trust built through the 100 years of supporting homes, offices, and schools.

From the red and blue color scheme to the tape product itself and the Nichiban history, we investigated various perspectives in search for a visual language that speaks to the audience.

Product-based photography.
Developing the brand’s worldview through imagery that enhances the product placed on elegant color planes.

Simultaneously Conveying Product Quality &
Brand Worldview through Infographics

We created an infographic that represents product details. While articulating the product quality, it also widens the brand worldview. This infographic was used as part of the packaging for the Asia expansion, and functions as a point of communication to articulate brand value.

Carbon-Neutral Natural Materials

Unlike popularly manufactured petroleum-derived OPP tapes, Panfix’s cellulose tape, Cellotape, is a natural adhesive that utilizes wood pulp—a renewable resource—as the base material. Additionally, the core is made from recycled paper. Cellotape has exclusively used plant-based materials since 1948. As environmental awareness comes to the forefront of social discussion, we focused on raising brand value through meaningful visuals that introduce the transparency of product background and materials.

From Digital to Physical—
Unifying Brand Worldview

We created the digital assets such as the website to physical assets such as the leaflet using unified imagery for the key visual and all other content. This allowed for quality control throughout various touchpoints, maximizing the user’s brand experience.

Panfix Global Website
By not limiting to product introductions and expanding into cellulose tape history and interviews, the website takes advantage of the extensive amount of information digital can handle.

Panfix Pamphlet
The pamphlet takes advantage of the merits of physical assets by introducing the products at actual size, which users can use to realistically experience the lineup.

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