Authenticity in Sound

Pursuing the Ultimate Music Experience
Audio-Technica’s Top Line

Audio-Technica has long held their unwavering devotion to convey the spirited vibrancy of authentic sound through their craft in analog technology. For that reason, they launched Audio-Technica Excellence, a product line pursuing the ideal analog experience. We worked to express a consistent brand worldview through a diverse range of media, from the key visual and website to the exhibition plan.

Client: Audio-Technica Corporation

Authenticity in Sound

The world of sound that Audio-Technica Excellence offers is like being in nature, where beauty lies in authenticity. We developed the main visual by mixing plants, trees and seeds, the components of nature, with components of audio products and placed them in a flat perspective.

Exclusive Sound in an Exclusive Expression

An audio product in itself is a contradiction—being a piece of machinery yet only with analog help from a person can it reach sound’s full potential. Focusing on emotions and intuition, we deliver a one and only sound with an illusive and characteristic worldview.

Expanding the Main Visual into Physical and
Digital Media

The main visual composed of nature and machinery was reflected in various channels such as posters, spatial design and exclusive websites. In order to enhance the customer experience, we developed a communication system using dynamic design adapted per each touchpoint while maintaining the concept and base imagery.

6 poster variations. When pieces of nature and machinery—two seemingly contradictory concepts—are arranged next to each other, they transform into intriguing, thought-provoking imagery. The goal is to slowly portray the nuances of the brand’s worldview to the customer as they observe the posters.

By taking advantage of the unique properties of a website, we achieved creative consistency. Focusing on content we want users to read, the design places the brand history at the forefront . Additionally, we incorporated interactive motion graphics that reveal the visuals as it follows the user’s mouse movements. Quality was pursued in every detail, such as the incorporation of a classic retail map that adds a touch of analog essence.

Elaborate graphics are used to describe product value in the features section. Every detail was incorporated to ensure to the customer that the product upholds trustworthy quality.

The store locator is designed a classic world map.
It expresses the weight of the brand’s history and its pursuit of analog technology.

Sound Trip Through the Five Senses

We collaborated with WIS Inc. to conceptualize and design the product exhibition. Rather than cherry picking the sense of hearing, the concept focuses on delivering premiere sound you experience through all five senses. From scents that satisfy the sense of smell to conceptual displays that appeal to the sense of sight, the exhibition starts by stimulating sight, touch, smell and taste before ending with the finale—sound. The storytelling conveys the brand value unique to Audio-Technica.

Liner Notes is a series of articles where musicians introduce their experience related to music production, along with the products themselves. By storytelling around the products rather than simply describing the functions and visuals, we create new value.

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