THE Millennials

Next Generation Hotel Experience

Mould-Breaking Hotel Experience
for the New Generation

Born in an age of informatization, millennials, as digital natives, have developed dynamic communication styles and values. THE Millennials is a hotel brand providing a new hotel experience for the this generation. Transforming a place to sleep into a vacation to play, work, and live. Tosaken inc. took charge of the interior design while we designed the holistic brand experience from the visual identity to spatial installation and art programmes.

Client: Global Agents Co., Ltd. / 
Collab: Tosaken inc.

THE Millennials is a hotel characteristic for the “Smart Pod”, an accommodation unit that uses a device to control room functions. Contrasting from the compact guest rooms, the communal space is enriched so as to adjust to various lifestyles.

Designing Every Guest Brand Experience

Before the visual identity with its logotype and the spatial elements from signage and art to amenities and stationery, we strategically planned and designed various touchpoints to be a moment where visiting guests can connect with the brand essence.

From a Place to Sleep
to a Personal Art Exhibition

We initiated an art programme for an unprecedented lodging experience utilizing the accommodation units. With the help of artist agency The Bee’s Knees, we curated artists both in and out of the country. By looking at the accommodation unit as one large canvas, we transformed it into a dedicated space where guests can enjoy the wall art all to themselves.

Collab: The Bees Knee’s / A-GENT TOKYO

Collaboration Geared Towards Millennials

Focusing on the functionality and narrative value that millennials hold, we developed a lay flat notebook in collaboration with Nakamura Printing Office. We introduced the long established stationery maker’s history and revolutionary techniques while conveying new values that analogue products—in this case a notebook—can offer.

Consistent Brand Communication

THE Millennials’ brand identity comes from a box shape derived from their accommodation units and the theme, diversity. The brand ideology is established through consistent communication in everything from the signage to amenities.

The logomark is created from the Millennial Box, a square related to the hotel’s core accommodation unit, a bitmap representing the Millennial generation, and concepts such as individuality, share, and diversity.

We used an original typeface that incorporates the brand essence as the brand’s main font in combination with a neutral typeface for legibility. Each font has its respective purpose based on its typographic characteristics.


Development of over 60 pictograms as a form of intuitive communication.
While maintaining common forms for communicative reasons, we also added unique expressions to capture the brand essence.

Expressing Brand Essence
in Physical Space

The brand’s visual identity translates into its space. By working closely with interior designers in designing the area signage and artwork, we captured a consistent brand essence. Building a brand in the physical space where guests spend their time leads to an immersive memorable experience.

Incorporating the Brand Essence into Every
Guest Experience

We incorporated the brand essence into every guest touchpoint from the amenities to stationery. The pouch that holds all the original hotel amenities proved to be an effective operation in showcasing the brand’s core principal of minimalism with functionality. The guest experience was deliberately considered in planning and designing the remaining items as well.

The shop card is light and minimal. Although simple on its own, the card is designed on light, transparent paper to show new faces once layered together.

We created the graphics on the workspace walls. By using the Pythagorean Theorem with its many proof methods as our motif, we expressed the diversity in accuracy and chance.

Artwork by an artist using a neon theme is showcased in the communal spaces. The 2D artwork is drawn with real neon tubes. Artist : Vasya Kolotusha

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