Japan Media Arts
Distributed Museum

An cultural journey through the arts

The visual identity of a museum fusing
the arts
with Japanese culture

A distributed mobile museum using Japanese airports hosted by The Agency for Cultural Affairs. Artists captured the beauty of local cultural resources from a fresh perspective at the entryway to the world, or airports. We were responsible for the museum’s overall visual look and symbols, logomark and identity design.

Client : The Agency for Cultural Affairs

Culture and Art, Japan and the World, Human Diversity
Layering and Blending the Key Visual

We used a Temari, a traditional Japanese handball handmade with countless layered threads, as our motif. The final visual composed of intricate fine lines creates a beautiful gradient that represents culture and art weaving together. This was expanded into multiple variations, which is illustrative of the diverse possibilities the museum holds.

Multicolored lines create a beautiful gradient

Variation of the key visual【Crane】

Variation of the key visual【Fan】

Translating the key imagery into a symbol

For the new museum to become widely known, the key visual and logomark were developed to give a consistent impression. The logo turns its long name into personality, creating a typeface that illustrates digital technology supporting media art.

A bold logotype that visually captures the power of innovation.
Turning length of the name into personality, emphasizing the characteristic proportions was intentional.

Key visual simplified into a logomark without losing the original imagery

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