Future Vision 203X

Future Work Experience

Designing the Communication
of Future Work Styles
into Various User Experiences

Okamura Corporation announced “FUTURE VISION 203X,” a vision of how people will work in the 2030’s. It will be an era in which individuality powers a new way of working that transcends time, place, and relationships. In order to communicate this new future era, we designed user experiences around the messaging. We were responsible for a wide range of creative direction, from concept movies and website development to experiential exhibitions.

client : Okamura Corporation

Enticing and Easily Understandable
Creative Work Through Anime

We wanted to communicate the future of work in a way that is enticing and easily understandable for everyone. The communication was expressed comically through anime. We developed original characters and used their work lives as stories to convey the vision for future work styles. We also developed a map of the future world depicting diverse work styles, which creates its own unique worldview.

Character Design

Main Characters

Sub Characters

In addition to the 5 main characters, more than 50 support characters were developed. These original characters are unique, each with their own personalities—transcending gender, age, disabilities, and various other qualities.

From all-in-one work malls that fulfill both work and leisure, to resorts that enable a relaxed work-life balance. Each persons’ individuality creates their own work style in the future.

Communicating a Movie Envisioning the Future
as Entertainment

A concept movie depicting the way people will work in the future. We designed a story in which various characters work in unique ways, and envisioned a communication that intuitively conveys future work styles. The comical direction unique to animation arouses users’ interests, and the message is presented as easy-to-understand entertainment.

collab : LIKI inc.

Website Providing a Concise Overview

The website introduces and provides a comprehensive but concise overview of FUTURE VISION 203X, from the concept and historical background to a work history capturing changing work styles over time and an introduction to future office products.

A Physical Experience to Feel the Message
More Deeply, More Realistically

The exhibition immersed visitors in the FUTURE VISION 203X worldview. Here, visitors can actually touch the prototypes of the future. Movies projected on a huge screen and the entire space unified with futuristic design will imprint the message into the user’s memory as a deeper and more realistic experience.

collab : WiS inc.

Future office products utilizing avatars automatically generated by AI. Our original characters are also featured here, with each expression and facial angle designed down to the smallest detail.

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